The Spiritualist Church of Revelation

Monrovia, CA

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The Healing Service starts at 11:00 A.M. on  Sundays, immediately followed by our devotional service that consist of Inspired Talk and followed by Spirit Greetings. Speakers for this month are listed below. 

We at the Spiritualist Church of Revelation always like to make all newcomers feel welcome. Please come and feel the high loving vibrations I know you will experience at our church each Sunday.

 Healing Development Class with Pastor Martin Pina

Class Information

We have started a list for those that would like to learn about becoming Spiritualist Healers.  A sign up list is available for those who would like to learn and work with God and Spirit in a Healing capacity.   If you are ready to commit to the 15 week course please let Pastor Martin Pina know of your desire to be available.  See him after service on Sunday or he can be reached at